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Patricia Gonzalez

Patricia Gonzalez: “I don’t recall the moment I decided to be an architect – I just always knew I would be one.”

Patricia grew up in Spain, a country renowned for its hospitality, laid-back lifestyle, culture, and historic cities. She takes pride in her great relationship with her family and fondly recalls spending quality time exploring forests and mountains at the weekends.

There are several wonderful buildings and places in Spain that Patricia loves. As a matter of fact, when she started studying architecture, the museums in Madrid became more relevant to her.

What are you working on now?

Downs Road – I have been working on this scheme since February 2019. It’s huge; it comprises five different buildings, where one is a tower of 15 storeys. The development is mostly residential, but it has some commercial areas on the ground floor. The park is very close, and we have one street going around all the buildings linking to the park so that it continues to the buildings.

What do you love about architecture?

My dad is an architect – He has his own practice for 40 years and has completed over 2000 residential projects. Two years ago he did a hotel in Madrid – it was an old building converted into a hotel for police dignitaries.

When I grew up architecture was all around me – I found it really interesting when I would go to my father’s office, I saw the drawings and materials that he was using, and that’s when architecture became interesting.

I don’t recall the moment I decided to be an architect – I just always knew I would be one.

What’s your favourite building?

CaixaForum Madrid

CaixaForum Madrid by Herzord & De Meuron – I like the materiality of the museum. It is an old building made in brick with a new extension on top using a different material. I  love that contrast. I like how people enter the building and the way the street is almost consumed by the structure. It has a huge green wall – so the contrast between the old brick, new extension, and green wall works very well.

What’s the best project you have worked on?

Down Road – I like this because I’m heavily involved in the entire project. I appreciate the overall process; it allows me to work on every stage and see its progress. It is challenging but in the end, you get a sense of fulfilment whenever you complete a project.


Patricia Gonzalez

Favourite Country


Best City

Madrid and London

Favourite Music

60s and 70s Rock

What are you reading?

Siete Hermanas (Seven Sisters)

Favourite Movie

Pulp Fiction

Favourite Pastime?

Shopping and restaurants


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